lauren's lucky day... littleton senior photography

Bring me ALL the sweet senior girls!  Lauren absolutely blew me away during her session and reminded me how much I adore senior girl portraits.  There is something really special about capturing such a traditional milestone in a girl's life and creating images that she and her family will look back on for generations.  I'm so excited to catch back up with Lauren later this year when she chooses the college she will be attending and create some portraits to celebrate!

beth's lucky day - littleton senior photography

Spread your wings, sweet girl. Soon it will be time to fly...

Every once in a while a session comes along that just feels magical.  When Beth said that she wanted to shoot her high school senior portraits in the forest I could have burst from happiness.  I've been dreaming of a forest session for a while and this shoot delivered everything I'd been hoping for and more.  A beautiful girl, beautiful light and a beautiful evening transformed into one of my favorite sessions ever...

Beth, I hope that your senior year is amazing and that you treasure these images as much as I do.  I wish you so much success and joy in life! 

xo - kami