buried treasure...

I found this little treasure yesterday... buried in my December, 2014 folder.  Andy with Ellie, just 10 days old.  I had gotten busy being a mom to a newborn and a 5 year old and forgot about it.  It sat there - never shared, never printed - until I stumbled across it.  Serendipity at its finest.  Isn't it amazing how the longer it's been since a photo was taken, the more important it becomes?  At least that's how it is for me.   

I thought this was the perfect image to share for the first post on my new blog and website.  The tiny peanut in this image just turned 15 months old.  It sounds so cliche but it went by so fast.  I feel like I'm coming out of the fog that is being a mom to a little one and I've finally got a little more time to focus on my business.  So I'm celebrating by starting fresh with a brand new website and blog that I've been dreaming of for years and a spring that is filling up quickly with photo sessions for some amazing families.  I hope yours is one of them!

xo - kami