olivia's lucky day

I truly believe that the universe has a perfect way of bringing the right people into your life.  This gorgeous mama had seen some of my work through friends on Facebook and contacted me for some natural, baby-led images in the studio of their newborn daughter.  I feel so grateful for those who have shared my work and have brought new clients into my life.  Not only does it allow me to keep doing what I love but I've become friends with some of the most wonderful people that I never would have met otherwise.  This family is no exception.  They are some of the sweetest, funniest, most genuine people I know.   Photographing such a special time in their life was an absolute joy.  

As with all of my sessions, I love it when the whole family is involved.  I think it brings a variety to the session and helps to tell the story of that day in your lives.  Having images where the whole family is included allows me to create priceless visual memories that will be cherished more as time goes on and treasured by generations.

If you are expecting, I'd love to chat with you about photographing your family.  I offer sessions before you bring your new baby home from the hospital, in studio, in your home, and on-location with Denver and some of it's most beautiful outdoor locations as our backdrop.   

the rose family's lucky day... denver maternity and newborn photographer

Every once in a while I have a session where the stars align, everything falls together and the whole session is just a dream.  This was absolutely one of those nights.  We took to the mountains for this special maternity session to capture some of the last moments before this beautiful family welcomed their next baby boy.   

I always plan out my sessions so that they flow smoothly and feel fun and effortless while matching my clients' style and end goal for how they want to be photographed.  I think it's way more fun for everyone involved if I have more in mind before a session starts than just telling you to stand somewhere pretty and smile.  My goal is to get you exploring and interacting with each other.  That way I can capture the details from this time in your life in a way that will stir emotion in your heart when you look back on your images years from now.  The way your babies looked at you... how tiny their little hands were on your tummy while their next little brother grew away on the inside... the pure joy and happiness that you felt from just being together.

It's such an honor when someone asks me to create images of such important things.  If you are expecting, I'd love to chat with you about creating a custom baby plan that will document some of the most important memories for your family! 

gina's lucky day... denver maternity photography

There is something absolutely magical about photographing a maternity session.  Pregnancy is such a beautiful, unique experience for every woman and documenting your family before the birth of a new baby will be a priceless treasure that can truly never be recreated.  My studio at the Denver Photo Collective offers the most gorgeous, light-filled backdrop for this kind of a session.  The white rooms and lovely light allow me to create stunning images that are timeless, clean and transfer beautifully to heirloom albums and fine art prints.  For Gina, I designed a studio boudoir maternity session and I'm completely obsessed with how everything turned out!  If you are expecting, I would love to chat with you about I can design the maternity session of your dreams!

lauren's lucky day... littleton senior photography

Bring me ALL the sweet senior girls!  Lauren absolutely blew me away during her session and reminded me how much I adore senior girl portraits.  There is something really special about capturing such a traditional milestone in a girl's life and creating images that she and her family will look back on for generations.  I'm so excited to catch back up with Lauren later this year when she chooses the college she will be attending and create some portraits to celebrate!

the solheim family's lucky day

I had a beautiful fall session with the sweetest family last week.  I absolutely love that these sisters have made a tradition of having photos done with their families and parents (papa and mimi!).  These will be such treasures for the boys as they grow up.  While most people were heading up into the mountains in search of Colorado's amazing fall colors, we opted to explore beautiful downtown Denver in search of something a little different.  This quickly turned into one of my favorite locations ever!  Orange and red ivy, a quaint old bridge, the light rail and lots of fun urban backdrops made for some pretty amazing images!  I hope they love these images as much as I loved creating them!

xo - kami

kyan's lucky day - sitting up milestone session - Littleton family photographer

I absolutely love sitting up sessions.  This milestone always seems to coincide with lots of personality, big, beautiful smiles, and BONUS: they can't run away from me yet!  Seriously, though, there is such an amazing transformation from newborn to sitting up and it makes me so happy to get to document how much these little ones have grown. 

When I did his big brother's sitting up session Jamie had the cutest little basket to put him in and wanted some of Kyan in a basket too.  How sweet is that?!  I feel so honored that I've been able to document these kids and their beautiful family as they grow! 

xo - kami

violet & lyra's lucky day

I've been photographing this sweet family since Violet and Lyra were growing away inside their mama's tummy.  For this session Katie asked to do something a little different and I'm so happy she did!   We decided to go on an adventure together down south Pearl Street in Denver and see if we could find some fun along the way!  I'm in love with the sweetness I captured on our journey, especially the excitement that the girls had when they met a big doggie, the way Keith looks at Katie like she hung the moon and the beautifully obvious love that they all have for each other.  Documenting afternoons like this for families is such a wonderful way to fill my days.  

xo - kami

the ohl family's lucky day - california sessions

There is something so special about doing sessions when I go back to California.  The feel of being home, the beach and the air out there are still such a part of me.  This session was even more special because I was able to photograph some of my best friends from high school and their gorgeous kids.  Cameron and Laurissa started dating when we were sophmores and they just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary!  It was so amazing to be able to capture the love they all have for each other at one of my favorite places in the world.  I love you guys - thanks for trusting me to document these memories for you!  

xo - k

haiden's lucky day - littleton newborn photographer

There is nothing quite like photographing new life.  There is so much beauty in the entire situation and the parents are always bursting with love and pride.  I love the whole process of making these images.  The quiet moments spent watching a new mom feed her baby, waiting for them to drift off to peaceful sleep.  Watching the parents snuggle and cuddle and love on this perfect little person that they just brought home.  And knowing that I'm documenting moments that will only mean more as this little boy grows - moments that he will share one day with his children.  

xo - kami

lucky friday studios has been featured... again!

I am so crazy excited to have my work featured again!  The Dating Divas have published an article sharing beautiful ideas for images to document your pregnancy.  You can see my work here: 50 Stunning Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas!

Once again, I feel humbled to be in the company of so many amazing artists!  It makes my heart swell with pride to be creating images that inspire people.  The image featured has always been one of my favorites! 

My sincerest thanks to The Dating Divas for being kind enough to share my work with the world!

xo - kami

shannon and jason's lucky day - littleton maternity photography

This beautiful maternity session left me speechless.  The light was absolutely gorgeous that evening and I couldn't have asked for a sweeter and more fun couple to document.  The water, the mountains, Red Rocks in the distance and one of the most lovely mama-to-be's I've met in a long time made for a maternity session any mom would dream of.  I can't wait to share the images of the sweet baby boy that was growing away in that beautiful belly! 

xo - kami

beth's lucky day - littleton senior photography

Spread your wings, sweet girl. Soon it will be time to fly...

Every once in a while a session comes along that just feels magical.  When Beth said that she wanted to shoot her high school senior portraits in the forest I could have burst from happiness.  I've been dreaming of a forest session for a while and this shoot delivered everything I'd been hoping for and more.  A beautiful girl, beautiful light and a beautiful evening transformed into one of my favorite sessions ever...

Beth, I hope that your senior year is amazing and that you treasure these images as much as I do.  I wish you so much success and joy in life! 

xo - kami

kate's lucky day - littleton family photography

This session is going down as one of my all time favorites.  Kate is so down to earth and fun and her love for her kids is obvious.  When she told me that she wanted to make sure we got some shots of her holding her little boy before he was too big for her to pick up and images with his favorite lovey before he outgrew it I actually cried.  That is why I do this.  To document precious little things like that before they pass.   

I'm always so honored when I'm hired to photograph a family but this session had even extra meaning behind it for me.  You see, Kate is also a photographer - and a brilliant one I might add.  Her work is truly emotive, real and simply stunning.  Her trusting me to capture something as special as her with her gorgeous babies for a "mama & me" session is huge.  HUGE. 

Kate, I'm so grateful for your friendship.  You are a beautiful woman inside and out and the perfect example of what being an awesome mom and all around human being looks like.  I hope I did you and your babies love for each other justice.

xo - kami

kelly's lucky day - mama & me sessions - littleton family photographer

I was so thrilled when I found out that Kelly wanted to have a "mama & me" session with her twins!  I did their newborn photos when they were days old and was able to capture their first year with a baby plan.  Watching these little ones grow and being able to document it for them makes me so happy!  It's crazy how they seriously get cuter every time I see them!  They are at such a fun age and we had a blast exploring some heavy machinery and the playground!  I adore that my families come back to me year after year to photograph their babies!!!

michelle's lucky day - mama & me - littleton family photographer

I absolutely loved doing "mama & me" sessions this year!  Us moms tend to be the ones behind the camera and I think it is so important to make sure that we are in the photographs too! 

My session with Michelle and her gorgeous family was amazing!  These will be such treasures for the children when they grow up and I hope that they show Michelle how much her kids adore her!  Being able to document the connections between a mother and her babies is such an honor and this session was extra special because Michelle's mom came to join in too!  

session style - families - denver family photography

Clients often ask me what they should wear for their session.  I think that style is such an important aspect in producing beautiful finished images so today will be the first in a series of "session style" posts to help you plan for your best photo shoot ever.  I'll share some advice and tips that I've picked up over the years so your session style is a success!  First up: family sessions!

  1. Moms - choose your outfit first.  Then coordinate your family around what you are wearing.  Seriously!  I could almost write a book on this.  It is SO much easier to find something that your kids look cute in that goes with what you've chosen then to try to do it the other way around.  Do yourselves a favor and pick out an outfit for yourself that makes you feel beautiful and then move on to the rest of your family! 
  2. Be true to yourself.  If you are a casual family that lives in flip flops - let's document that.  Don't feel like you need to be something you aren't just because you are having professional photos taken!
  3. Be comfortable.  If you aren't it will come across in your images. 
  4. Coordinating = good.  Matching = not so much.  Don't dress everyone in matching black shirts and blue jeans.  Pick a color scheme and build outfits within it.  Your colors could be inspired by the season, your favorite color pallet or chosen to match the room you are planning on hanging your wall art in (don't laugh - I've done this!).  I personally love light, neutral, natural, and timeless colors like greys, creams, light blues and greens for my family.  Bright, fun, energetic colors can also look amazing in photographs though so if that is more your personality then go for it!
  5. Don't be afraid to add some fun, patterned pieces to the mix - especially on the kiddos.
  6. Avoid wearing anything with a logo or words written on it.
  7. Layers and accessories look awesome in photographs.  Scarves, sun hats, vests, you name it.  Not only can they be fun, but using items like this in some of the photos will give your finished gallery more variety.

Here are a few of my favorite images of families who know how to do it right when it comes to style!